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Approaching from North 281:

When approaching from this direction, please be prepared to stop quickly, as the entry is blocked from sight by terrain. Keep your GPS handy, so you know when you're getting close. In the distance on the left (east) side of the highway, you will see our billboard, the letters "RV" in red and black. Our entrance is about 600' BEFORE the billboard. If you miss this first driveway (Little Lucy RV over the top, green pipe fence), don't worry. You can still catch the 2nd driveway about 500' farther. This driveway is generally considered the exit, so use caution when entering this direction. These two driveways come together in front of the office, where you will find the entry gate and the keypad for your gate code.


Approaching from Lampasas:

About a mile past the airport, almost 3 miles from city limits, you will see our billboard on the right (east) side of the highway. The next two driveways belong to Little Lucy. The 2nd driveway is the entrance and will lead you to the office. The clearance at this entrance is 14'. In front of the office you will find the entry gate and keypad for your gate code.    

For general inquiries and further information, please contact us:

4120 N. US Hwy 281 

Lampasas. Texas 76550


Tel: 512-525-2195


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